In business it is attention to detail that is essential, even small errors can have disastrous consequences. We aim to provide you with a wide range of commercial services to support your business in all areas, we help you spot potential problems, manage risk and can help negotiate those all too important contracts to make sure you get the best possible terms. We can offer you advice in many areas of commercial law including but not limited to:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Debt collection
  • Contracts
  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes
  • Commercial property

Whatever commercial law issues you face we will make sure you receive fast, efficient, cost effective advice. We also have a wealth of experience in commercial litigation to support you through any problems which may arise in the course of your business dealings.

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Commercial Litigation

In business, it is inevitable that problems arise along the way, contractors may fail to perform their obligations, tenants fail to pay their rent, suppliers may go bankrupt and there is no alternative but to take legal action. These disputes can become a major strain on management in terms of time, resources and costs. We are here to provide you with a quick and efficient service to guide you through the litigation process. There is a real danger that if these problems are not handled appropriately the results can be devastating for businesses not able to deal with Courts or Tribunals.

Our team aim to provide you with efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions to your commercial problems and disputes, including:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Building/construction disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Corporate/partnership disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Sale of goods disputes

It does not necessarily have to be costly to settle disputes, we aim to keep costs as low as possible and you will retain control of each step. We will not take any action which will incur costs without your prior consent so contact us for a no obligation consultation.

For further information on commercial litigation, please contact us on: 01590 672595 or

Commercial Property

Clive Sutton Solicitors have a wealth of experience with regard to local commercial property; we are dedicated to providing businesses with services that are fast, efficient, cost effective and also tailored to each business unique goals.

We can advise on:

  • Buying or selling a business
  • Sale or purchase of commercial premises such as shops, restaurants, hotels and residential care homes
  • Business and commercial leases
  • We can handle any disputes which may arise out of your commercial property including non-payment of rent, breach of covenant or damage to your property.

The Costs

We know that keeping costs transparent and to a minimum are paramount to your business and with this in mind, we give you a full written estimate of the costs involved at the outset of the transaction. We can often offer fixed fee arrangements so you know exactly what to budget from day one with no hidden charges.

Whether you are selling your shop, purchasing a commercial building or pursuing a lease please contact us to arrange for an initial consultation.

For further information on commercial litigation, please contact us on: 01590 672595 or